Baby Mason!!

Mason 8 days old
Proud Big Sister

5 Days Old

4 Days Old

In the NICU 4 hours old

Mason Dutch Pocock
Born February 26th 6:55 am

6 lbs 4 oz 18 inches

He is absolutely adorable and perfect!! My labor and delivery was a nightmare...lets just say the doctor was a moron and I had him totally natural!! And I DO NOT recommend that!! :) Luckily he came fast and is doing great! I think we totally traumatized Dutch between me and Mason he was a little worn out. He was 3 weeks early and didn't want to breathe so he spent 4 days in the NICU. I can't even tell you how hard it was to leave the hospital without him...I bawled. I do not know how people do it for weeks and months. Addy is the best big sister I could ask for and has been amazing! She is a great help...sometimes too much help but we have to be patient with her. So all is well I will keep updating as Mason is napping :)


Baby #2 is a BOY!!

I figured since I havn't updated for almost a year I would let you in on our latest excitement! :) Yes, we are finally getting another baby and it is a boy! I could tell Dutch was so excited!! The only problem is he hates every name I like. If you have any idea's PLEASE leave me a comment! The poor kid will be nameless!! He is due March 1st!


Christmas Tree

People keep asking what my tree looks like so here it is.....


Christmas Card

My sister has really gotten into photography and does a GREAT job! She did our pictures and is very affordable...go to michelleheapsphotgraphy.com if you would like to see her work and contact info.


More pic's

So my computer is having issues so here are some more pictures...


Not dead...or pregnant!

So it's been a little busy the last few months. I know I have totally sucked at blogging! Here is a quick update. In August Addy, Mom, Shel and I all went to St. George for a week and had a ball. Just shopped and swam with just the girls. The pictures of Addy are at the spa getting her fingers and toes painted! She LOVES it! I have to do it weekly..she is a girly girl! We have spent many hours at the water park and Rigby Lake. Addy loves to be in the water unless it goes over her waist. Other than that there is a few pictures of Kinlee, Dal and Addy at Halloween...so cute. Addy was Minnie Mouse cuz all the DORA costumes where ugly!! We are loving our new house and I have got to quit decorating...now! My husband is going to divorce me! Other than that I have been going to a aeorbic's class with Taunia and it is a BLAST!! I HATE..I repeat HATE working out and this is so fun! It's Zumba. I go Monday, Tuesday and Thursday..sometimes Wednesday too. I am NOT skinny by any means but I love it. Thanks Taun for making me go!! :) Umm, other than that we have just been doing our usual cleaning, shopping and getting ready for the holidays. I put my Christmas up Friday so all I have left is outside...oh dear! Addy is getting so big, as you will see in our pictures! She is WAY to smart for her age and I LOVE staying home with her..don't know how I used to work full time! Hope all is well with all of you.


Not pregnant....yet :)

So aparently my comment on the nursery sparked a few questions for people. No I am not pregnant but we are trying. I only have one falopian tube (spelling?) after I had my first tubal pregnancy so I have a 50% chance every month:) so who knows...it may take a while but I will keep you posted! :)